Welcome to Dancing Roots Farm - Ecotrust's 2013 Local Food Hero


"For your outstanding contribution to the local food movement"


We are a small family farm offering high quality, fresh produce to households and individuals through our membership (or CSA) program. We also supply a number of local restaurants in the Portland area. We grow over 100 varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers all chosen for their flavor, nutrition, genetic diversity and beauty. Our kid-friendly farm is on 10 beautiful acres above the Sandy River, adjacent to Dabney State Park. We are 18 miles east of Portland, south of I-84. To the locals, this area is known as Springdale. To the local-locals, we're on Cabbage Hill. In addition to our fields, we have a few acres of woods, tons of blackberries, and lots of refuge for songbirds and wildlife. We bought the farm in the fall of 2002 and spent most of the next year fixing up the 1916 farmhouse. The fields had been fallow for over 30 years, but now we hope to create an ecologically sound and productive working farm. Our vision includes orchards and grapes, year round produce, educational programs, on-farm composting, bees & honey, and farm animals such as sheep, ducks and a friendly dog. We love our little farm and do everything possible to treat our land gently and with reverence. We use practices such as crop rotations, natural amendments, cover crops, drip irrigation, and provide ample habitat for beneficial insects, bugs and birds. We would never use any kind of toxic pesticides or synthetic, oil-based fertilizers.


Check out our Facebook Page for photos and farm updates.