2014 Harvest – First Week

2014 Harvest – First Week

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2014 Harvest – First Week

Welcome to a new season with Dancing Roots Farm! We look forward to our 6 months together with fresh and delicious vegetables, herbs, occasional flowers, and hopefully, more fruit this year.

It is common for the first 4-6 weeks to be small, both in number of items and weight. Returning members know this; to new members – just think of this as the time to ease into your vegetable adventure!

 In Your Share This Week

Lettuce, Salad Bowl (leaf) & Kweik (butter) – We love starting the year with a nice head of lettuce. We’ll have different kinds & colors of lettuces each week. Salad Bowl has been a reliable standby for decades; Kweik is an old Dutch variety. Use in salads, on sandwiches, or as a wrapper for salami with a dab of mustard.

Chard (aka Swiss Chard) – Fordhook, Oriole Orange & Rhubarb – This is the first year we’ve ever had beautiful bundles of chard to start the season! Use as a cooking green; simply sauté in garlic butter and/or with chives for a tasty side dish, or toss steamed leaves with olive oil, lemon juice and S&P.

Sylvetta Arugula – Yay for greenhouses! This is a special treat for us to have this the first week of harvest. This has been our top selling crop to Portland area restaurants for over 8 years. It’s flavorful and a little spicy, great as a salad on it’s own or mixed with others, in sandwiches or wraps. Also good lightly wilted in a quesadilla.

Spinach Long Standing Bloomsdale One of the world’s most ancient vegetables, this variety is an old heirloom, handed down thru the years because it’s so darn good. Farmer Shari’s favorite part is the crunchy stems.

Salad Mix – Enjoy some of our high quality salad greens that many Portland restaurants serve. There’s at least 12 different varieties in there: reds, speckles, butters, greens, all in different shapes.

Rani Cilantro – This is a new type we are trying. Let us know if you like the flavor.

Chives – These are the most delicate member of the onion family. They can be used in almost any recipe calling for a touch of raw onion as flavoring. Chop fine into salads or as a soup topper. The purple flowers are edible too! Excellent with cream or cottage cheese, as well as eggs.

Cherry Tomato plant – see back for planting instructions