2014 Harvest, Week 17 – PepperPalooza & Fajita Week!

September 20, 2014 by dancingroots - No Comments

Lettuce, Plato (green romaine) or Brown Goldring (copper-tipped) – Our head lettuces are back; these varieties do well this time of year.

Fiesta Broccoli – Hopefully this hybrid broccoli will give you reason to celebrate!

Cilantro, Pokey Joe – Essential to top your fajitas (especially in conjunction with sour cream).

Bulgarian Carrot, Fish, Cayenne, Jalapeño Hot Peppers – Use just a little for a little kick. Seeds = heat.

Sauce (Paste) Tomatoes Opalka, Orange Banana. Opalka are Polish heirloom, horn-shaped yellowish with red streaks, and on the sweeter side. The Orange Banana make a beautiful orange sauce, or lighten an otherwise dark red sauce. Great fruity taste, also good dried or on salads. One of Farmer Shari’s favorites.

Slicer TomatoesPersimmon, Pineapple, Super Lakota. The Persimmon are solid orange with excellent rich flavor. Black Prince are dark (called ‘black’ in the trade) medium sized with outstanding flavor. Super Lakotas are solid red- our only typical looking tomato, yet still an heirloom.

White Spear Scallions – Use both white and green parts anywhere an onion is called for.

Onions, Walla Walla – The last of these; good thing we saved them for Fajita week.

Sweet Peppers – Red: Jolene’s Rustic, Orange: Golden Marconi or Stocky Golden, Yellow: Antohi Romanian, Green: King of the North. Use some (or all) of each for the fajitas.

Garlic, Metechi– Part of the fajita plan.

Lunchbox Sweet Peppers – Include one or 2 in your lunchbox for a sweet, crunchy midday treat.

Sheepnose Pimento Peppers – This little heirloom is sweet & meaty, used for canning, cooking and stuffing into olives. Cut out the very top, scoop out seeds, grate or place a chunk of your favorite cheese inside to about ¾ full (cheddar works very well). Place on baking pan in oven 35-40 min. or until cheese melts.