About Us

Locally Grown

Our farm is on 10 beautiful acres above the Sandy River, adjacent to Dabney State Park. We are 18 miles east of Portland, south of I-84. To the locals, this area is known as Springdale. In addition to our fields, we have a few acres of woods, tons of blackberries and lots of refuge for songbirds, hawks, owls and wildlife.


We bought the farm in the fall of 2002 and spent most of 2003 fixing up the old farmhouse. The fields had sat fallow for over 30 years, and our ongoing plans call for creating an ecologically sound and productive working farm. We've planted a small tree fruit orchard and grapes, have year round produce, and we do a little on-farm composting along with extensive cover cropping. One day we'll have both mason and honey bees.


We use only ecologically sound practices, such as crop rotations, drip irrigation, minimal natural amendments, and provide ample habitat for beneficial insects, bugs and birds; we use no pesticides or herbicides or synthetic fertilizer. We've been certified Organic since 2016, and in 2020 got certified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.



Small Farmers are a dying breed. We now comprise only 1% or less of the general population and several years ago the Census Bureau removed this category off their list of occupations all together. We believe we need more small scale, locally owned farms. So in addition to growing a wide variety of healthy, delicious produce we like to think that our farm is also growing New Farmers. We are not taking any apprentices or interns this year, but are happy to have a conversation with anyone who has questions about our operation, or farming in general.